Performance Resume

San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle: Excellence In Theatre Award
Nominated: Principal Actor in a Play
(How The World Began at The Custom Made Theatre Company)

Dorothy Kaucher Award For Excellence In Oral Interpretation and Storytelling
(OI 1st place: one-man dramatization of 8 by Dustin Lance Black)

Theatrius: A Marriage at TheatreFIRST
“When nephew Steven (versatile Garcia) surprises the lovers, he expresses funny, teen-aged disgust. But as Steven grows up, he cherishes Daniel and Richard’s intimacy as ‘beautiful.’ People come around—even homophobic Joanne, Daniel’s mom, has to face the truth—in a funny drag satire by multi-talented Garcia.”

Broadway World: A Picture of Two Boys
“Beautifully presented in the round on a set made of a simple wooden dock and some foliage, we’re pulled into the drama by the strength of two fine performances by
Tim Garcia and Leon Jones.

In a powerful finale, the two friends deliver each other’s redemption.
The acting is top notch and emotionally raw.”

Talkin’ Broadway: A Picture of Two Boys
“Both Jones and Garcia are terrific in their roles … fine performances.”
“Garcia plays his role with an almost manic energy that he uses to cover the pain in Pete’s life. (Pete also treats his pain with a plastic water bottle filled with vodka–’Absolut – the good stuff.’) It almost feels like if Pete ever slowed down, he’d have to more completely face the stress in his current life, a seemingly bleak future, and a painful past that will be addressed in the second half.”

“Mesmerizing Somewhere”
“Cassandra’s brother Alexander (a buttoned-down, nuanced performance by Tim Garcia)
is accompanying her on a bicycle trip across the country to follow the butterflies and discover where they will hatch.
As directed by John R. Lewis, it’s taut and suspenseful.”

“Good. Better. Best. Bested. Exposes Glitter and Gloom at Custom Made” – Theatrius
“When gambling addict, Walter, and his coked out teenage poker-shark son, Sheldon (intense Tim Garcia) hear about the event, they butt heads.
Movingly, Sheldon wails uncontrollably, ‘I hate people!'”

“Adventurous Good. Better. Best. Bested at Custom Made Theatre” – Aisle Seat Review
“Tim Garcia nails an impressive, lightning-paced monologue riddled with more casino-friendly terminology than a copy of Gambling for Dummies. He is excellent as frenetic 17-year-old Sheldon, keeping his broke father Walter afloat with handouts from his winnings.”

Theatre Eddys: Good. Better. Best. Bested.
“Weaving in and out of the short glimpses of these various lives is an out-of-work, divorced father, Walter, who has lost livelihood gambling and his late-teen son, Sheldon, who is a wound-tight ball of knee-shaking nerves making shady deals on the side as he searches for his ‘purpose.’

The strained interactions between Walter and Sheldon (Tim Garcia) are some of the best moments of the evening, with Walter trying his best to be the absent father who now cares and Sheldon doing all he can to avoid doing or saying any
more than is perfunctorily necessary.”

Theatre Rhinoceros’ The Normal Heart – The Daily Californian
“One of the youngest actors in the production, Tim Garcia, displays incredible emotional variability as Mickey Marcus, a mentally unstable writer for the Health Department who grapples with the lack of information about the disease.”

“The Normal Heart Spurs Love and Action at Theatre Rhino” – Theatrius
“Overwhelmed by the tragic absurdity of so many deaths and the malicious inertia of Koch and Reagan, ACT-UP reaches a breaking point. Mickey (memorable and authentic Tim Garcia) undergoes a heart-wrenching breakdown.” 

Fisher’s production is significant and impassioned,
thanks to the spot-on cast and excellent acting.”

The Normal Heart – For All Events
“Tim Garcia is electric as Mickey Marcus, angry over losing the hard-fought right to love in the face of a sexless new world.”

The Normal Heart – Talkin’ Broadway
“Tim Garcia is outstanding as Mickey, when he breaks down in the second act amid the stress of volunteering for the organization and keeping his job with the city government.”

The Normal Heart still beats ferociously at Theatre Rhino” – 48 Hills
“…the power of Kramer’s fury has not diminished and Fisher and the company have staged a memorable version of a play that, sadly, seems to be timeless.

In one of the most gripping scenes, Mickey (Tim Garcia) reaches a tipping point when the phones are ringing off the hook and he can find no more volunteers. The calm, witty activist, grief-stricken by the loss of so many friends, is threatened with losing his city job because of his advocacy.

His handsome face crumples into a grimace, his rational voice is choked with sobs. Flailing about, he shouts, ‘I can’t take any more theories. I’ve written about every single one of them. Repeated infection by a virus, new appearance by a dormant virus, single virus, new virus, old virus, multivirus, partial virus, latent virus, mutant virus, retrovirus…What if it’s something out of the blue? The Great Plague of London was caused by polluted drinking water from a pump nobody noticed!'”

The Normal Heart – Edge Media Network
“When organizer Mickey (Tim Garcia) has an unexpected but inevitable meltdown in the moment that makes the production, oh boy does that last a long time too.”

Twisted Hitchcock – Talkin Broadway
“Tim Garcia is brilliant, morphing between [Norman Bates] and his mother with split-second timing. He goes back and forth with amazing speed
in a brilliant display of acting.”

Pushed To The Brink: Twisted Hitchcock at Left Coast Theatre Company
“All three plays deliver some wonderfully comic moments, with the best acting coming from Tim Garcia and Ryan Engstrom.”

“…this young actor shows promise for his ability to hold the whole stage in the grip of one character’s tension.”
– Lily Janiak, SF Gate on Ghost Limb at Brava Theater

“Brilliant Performances Bless Angels In America” – Regarding Arts
“Tim Garcia is an excellent actor who not only delivers Prior Walter’s lines with great meaning, he is a small, very thin man, and when he collapses on the floor, as this tiny, broken man who is terrified about having to go to the hospital, terrified by the blood he is spilling, terrified by what he fears will be his loneliness if his lover leaves him, it is a hugely powerful scene.”

“A Gripping Production Of Catherine Trieschmann’s How the World Began” – For All Events
“Tim Garcia is a revelation… He gives a superb performance…
 His penetrating performance allows the audience to see the damage,
even despairing young man under the stoic surface.”

TheatreStorm 4 1/2 Star Review: How The World Began
“There’s tremendous power in Mr. Garcia’s performance and in Micah’s honesty…”
“…something is bothering him, and Garcia makes us feel his passions.”

Theatre Eddys Review: How The World Began
“The real star of this production is Tim Garcia.
From the moment he slouches into the classroom,
he commands the stage and our attention. 

Mr. Garcia shows all signs of being a mature actor beyond his young age.
We as audience are both repulsed by his increasingly revengeful-sounding demands while at the same time are ready to step in and hug and comfort this kid who is evidently so traumatized and fearful from events that have transpired in his life.”

Theatre Review: How the World Began – The Berkeley Daily Planet
“Tim Garcia delineates the reactions of the young, orphaned student very well, showing his intensity and callow, awkward sense of fairness, his desire to communicate and his underlying guilt and religious mania, occasionally repetitive in his mannerisms. “

“Passionate debate drives How the World Began” – SF Examiner
“Mary McGloin (Susan), Malcolm Rodgers (Gene) and Tim Garcia (Micah) all deliver strong performances as guided by director Leah S. Abrams.

Garcia’s Micah carries himself with an intense inward-facing woundedness, a depth of lonely pain he cannot reveal. So he shields himself with an unflinching insistence on righteous accuracy that keeps him isolated and in perpetual conflict.”

Dean’s Scholar Interview and Professor Appreciation

Tim’s work and thinking for this course was remarkably advanced, not only in relation to those who took the course in the Fall, but in relation to all the students I have encountered in the course over the years…his writing was extremely sophisticated, intellectually complex, scholarly, and highly engaged…He displayed an exceptional measure of ambition insofar as he clearly expected his writing to persuade an audience (not just a professor) to reexamine assumptions about the relationship between drag performance and political power.

Tim is a very talented actor, who has done very fine work for the Department’s theater productions. But it is evident that his scholarly and intellectual capacities, as well as his ambitions, differentiate him considerably within his student cohort at this university and probably at nearly any other university.

He is exceptionally scholarly, he is a gifted actor, and he is an excellent collaborator, very curious and open to adventurous thinking and problem solving.
– Dr. Karl Toepfer

Angels In America (Prior Walter) – Goldstar Ticket Review